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Members are expected to attend as many rehearsals as possible in order to sing in concerts. We can only maintain a high standard if all members are fully familiar with the music. Please speak to your Part Rep if you have to be absent. It is also most important that ALL members attend the rehearsal on the afternoon of the concert, as this is the only opportunity we have to rehearse the works in full, with musicians and soloists.
Please let your Part Rep know if you are unable , or need help, to get to rehearsals.
sign the register each week and mark any dates when you will be absent.

Music Hire Charges

Most of our music is hired from libraries or other sources. This is expensive, although members are charged only £1 per copy to hire.

Please have the correct money ready, and arrive in good time to sign up and collect your music before the first rehearsal. Also make certain that you return your music after the concert, or you may be charged for the FULL COST of buying replacement copies.

If you borrow music but are then unable to sing in the concert PLEASE PLEASE hand your music back to the librarian beforehand. Chasing people for music is costly and time consuming and delays the process of returning it to our suppliers on time, for which YCS may be penalised.